The Bootleg

An original film from Joel Tudor and George Trimm

| posted on February 21, 2013

Video by Buzz Cut Films.

  • spasa

    That was awsome

  • matt

    nice SD local footage tourmaline ? Big Rock ? wind n , like the old school clairmont footage

  • David

    Ryan Burch and Nate Strom! Joel you have done it again! Excellent, fun, a true escape and pure joy!

  • Guillermo

    AMAZING!!!! I want that soundtrack in my ipod NOW

  • noah

    yeah! that was great! love it…stair cases

  • Andy

    Best soundtrack for a surf movie EVER! And some sick surfing too. Great stuff.

  • yaz

    NICE, borrowed a track from dan jenkins Blue Planet Video

  • dilla

    Here’s a link to the mp3’s:

    1.) “Kundan’s Hideout” by Dan The Automator
    2.) “Everybody Love’s The Sunshine” by Roy Ayers
    3.) “Snap” by Cleo McNett
    4.) “Crab Yars” by The Upsetters (prod. by Lee “Scratch” Perry)
    5.) “Summer Madness” by Kool & The Gang
    6.) “1983” by Flying Lotus
    7.) “Dirty Water” by The Standells
    8.) “You Wish” by Nightmares on Wax
    9.) “Runnin’ (Instrumental)” by The Pharcyde (prod. by J DILLA)
    10.) “What I’d Say” by Ray Charles
    11.) “Why Hip Hop Sucks In ’96” by DJ Shadow
    12.) “Be Thankful For What You’ve Got” by William DeVaughn

  • Pete

    flying lotus 1983 @ 7:30

  • Pete

    @7:30. flying lotus 1983, best segment

  • dan

    such a groovy soundtrack with the slow mo tubes

  • Greg

    such a classic movie !

  • Reed

    Does Joel listen to the Damon Bruce show on KNBR? both the two first tracks are from that radio show. Probably one of the better soundtracks Ive heard in a surf movie for a long time.

  • joel tudor

    got my musical taste from my mom and jack luber…….jack was my introduction to eclectic soul music…..he taught this west coast white kid about good music!

  • joel tudor

    soulkitchen summers were the best!!…thanks jack for schooling…if it were not for your parties…i would still be stuck on slayer n D.R.I!!!…much love to nyc

  • mimi mowery

    superb!!!!! makes me smile allover the place! Joel Tudor is my favorite surfer ever!!!

  • Blair

    …wave sliding at its finest! Nice work guys!

  • Jack

    Respect… Bootleg Seen!!!

  • John

    Yuta section was extra rad

  • michael

    i think a whole bunch of young ass fools making surf vids just picked up some serious knowledge.

    grown man sh** going on here.

    step your soundtrack game up!

  • MD

    Love the timeless feel.

  • Jbs

    Loving it…keep it coming.

  • robert martinez


  • lucas

    love the film, the little easter egg after the credits about killing the surfers in mexico was flat out funny $hit!

  • Pr:CMc

    Mcnett Record Prods – presents : Cleo Mcnett
    performances from : Mcnett Records/video
    (we love the feel of your movie , keep up the great work)
    PR:CMC .