The Apex

A classical Nick Rozsa talks board design and puts it into practice

| posted on October 26, 2012

  • jeff

    It’d be nice to hear what proctor and nick were actually discussing – would’ve made an excellent clip extraordinary

  • Todd Proctor

    Hey Jeff,
    Funny you should say that, because my wife sometimes (with her i-phone) casually films random happenings around the factory….and there’s a bit of behind the scenes from that day that she’s gonna upload to vimeo shortly….so check back on this forum….I’ll see if the Surfer crew will post up a link here in the comments section so you can hear me and Nicholas discussing and pondering the design elements of the new surfcraft…. alohas and shakas

  • charissa

    Hi Jeff, here’s the behind the scenes discussion…enjoy!

  • Whamo

    Cool and refreshingly different from the average surfing video.

  • Zapata

    Yea I wanna hear what they are saying

  • Jon Chester

    Why wasn’t this guy in surfer poll?

  • john

    @Jon. The Poll isn’t until December. Vote for him, and maybe he’ll get a nod…