The 2013 Hot 100 Movie

Watch the full-length film, featuring the world’s best young surfers

| posted on April 01, 2013

For more on the world’s best young surfers, check out the May issue, available digitally and on newsstands now.

Track list:
1. “Nowhere” by Elk
2. “Mystic Mind” by Those Darlins
3. “Don’t Stop” by Odesza
4. “Hallway Homicide” by The Orwells
5. “Starting at a Line is Not Always Fine” by Gardens
6. “Pink Ruff” by Bleeding Rainbow
7. “We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic” by Foxygen
8. “All I Wanna Do” by SPLASHH
9. “Waiting for your Call” by Warm Soda

  • Bub

    So its 96 boys, 3 girls, a the last 3 minutes of John John Florence. Right. Got it.

  • Asa

    That was sick. It’s a good 100, and as my dad always said, never listen to kooks named Bub; the John John footy was epic.

  • Joe Alani

    Insane editing and surfing. Best video I’ve seen in a while… but you can’t really call it a “movie” if it’s only released online.

  • Danny

    No Miguel Pupo? Wasn’t him among the TOP 10 of the 100!?

  • MJD

    Where’s Jacob Wilcox????

  • Rodrigo

    No You Tube link this time? Vimeo looks great but it does not play on my TV. You Tube is universal…

  • Don

    Where is the download link?

  • Peter

    25 minutes I will never get back…

  • Luis

    Great surfing and music.. Really enjoyed..!!

  • Andre

    Filipe Toledo age 17?

  • Val

    Oho god.. Too much brazzo jazzo aerial show for my taste. Johns part made it worth watching.

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  • Leeds

    These kids will be good when they learn how to ride the barrel, do turns and airs.

  • Audrey

    Gabriel Medina!!! is soo amazing!!!

  • Cheze

    21:40 Best Part!! that a boy John John

  • Jack-O

    Chloe Andino in #3 must be some kind of a joke. Hurley/RedBull/Target are paying Surfer some serious cash for this.

  • Trav

    Got me stoked to go surf some shitty waves, some of you guys sound so jaded on here.

  • Rafael

    How you guys forgot Miguel Pupo!!!! Terrible mistake!

    • Brendon Thomas

      @Rafael: Too old.

  • Tiago Costa

    Felipe Toledo??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Scott

    Where’s Balaram? Kids been ripping since quik dropped him. Medina’s airs are sick but all that hopping around on the face looks really shitty, needs to flow and link his shit better.

  • Jonesy

    Someone has a crush on John John… Those lingering voyeuristic shots of him prancing on the beach? The inordinately long section? Poor thing 😉

  • Gracie

    cool, exciting, suspenseful and adrenaline