Teahupoo Carnage

Watch the best wipeouts from 2013 at the brutal Tahitian reef

| posted on January 15, 2014

There’s nothing more cringeworthy in surfing than a wipeout at Teahupoo. Between the massive amounts of energy the wave produces and the very, very shallow reef, there aren’t many less forgiving waves in the world. Enjoy this compilation of wipeouts, but remember that karma will get you if you enjoy it too much.

  • hamishwyatt


  • Seabass120

    How great was watching SUPfag get blown apart at 2:40?

    • Martin Edmonds

      Awww, did some big meanie on a SUP catch an awesome wave in front of you?
      Did it make you feel jealous??
      Do you need a hug???

      You’re the only fag around here, ass clown.

      • Seabass120

        No worries guy. I can plainly see why you’re a SUPer – you’re too fucking fat to get up on a real surfboard.

    • Gui

      I can understand your frustration. Some SUPers are a real pain in the ass. They don’t share waves, most of them actually. At least in Brazil is like this. I’m a longboarder but I always share, there’s plenty os waves in the ocean, right? I don’t get why some idiots MUST catch all the waves. Maybe a tiny dick? Just guessing…

  • hhan


  • cenzcat


  • Clark Baker

    i like the kite surfer who has his line disappear in the lip of the wave LOLOLOL

  • ichorousmedia .

    ya someone please explain to me why any stupid SUPer would even think about taking on this wave at over 4ft. what a waste of waves…and foam….and leashes

  • freak

    2:28 guy got MERKED!!!!