Taj in Town

Taj Burrow around San Clemente dialing in a fresh batch of Mayhems

| posted on March 12, 2012

  • Mik

    I think he looked better and faster on FireWires. More spray, more electric, especially backhand. But I guess if you can have whatever boards you want, and as many as you want, it’s always cool to experiment.

  • jose

    haha i bet anything Mik has a firewire. f#$K those pieces of garbage. ride real boards built in America!

  • Mik

    @jose: yes. I do. here’s why: FireWires are technically superior, without sacrificing performance. i have 7 custom PU and EPS boards, and 2 FireWires. The other 7 are never used anymore unless I need a gun. even then i dont like my gun anymore, and it used to be my favorite. I can manage in 10′ surf now on a FireWire 6’3″ Taj step-up board I had custom made, because FireWires are even more buoyant than EPS. If I were Taj, i’d try any board and especially a Mayhem, because there’s some great surfers on them. It’s always cool to explore other shapers. But for me, I have limited funds, and I hate getting pressure dings on the bottom of my boards, and FireWires don’t get them, nor on the deck. They are flat out a superior technology. That’s why I buy anything, Jose. I don’t care where it is made. People are people. If they make good things, I’m on it. Cars, clothes, music, food whatever… And while I am sure Taj has great reasons to expand to Mayhems, I still think my observations are true. He looks faster on a FireWire, in my biased mind.