Taj Burrow’s West Oz Barrels

Taj and friends score the session of a lifetime during a tropical cyclone in January

| posted on March 09, 2011

  • WS


  • TS

    It’s nice to see even a Pro like Taj can still get excited about the simple act of surfing with a few mates.

    Nice stuff!

  • Tommy Elrod

    Perfect conditions.

  • Drew

    That was surreal! Taj Burro was getting barrelled off his a##. Those other guys too.

    I guess sadistically, I would have liked to see the guy getting sucked over, towards the end of the clip, but the shot cut away just as the surfer was hellplessly locked neck deep in the wrongside of the tubing wall, headed straight down . It looked like it was going to be brutal. Hopefully he paddled back out in one piece.

    Why would you cut that sequence? And good job being in the right place.

  • Whamo

    That’s the best surfing I’ve seen in a long, long time.

  • Raf

    what is the music? It’s insanely funky. Please, does anyone know?

  • Rick


  • Ken

    Who is the artist singing the song? Awesome session taj