Surf Madness

Watch the full-length surf film from Sterling Spencer and friends

| posted on December 12, 2011

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    thank you!! SURFER mag

  • Keith Rich

    The Pentagon is blowing up the sun.

  • Justin

    Are you kidding me!!!! That part where Jordy (allegedly) has his girl pulling his coffin and carrying his bags up the stairs is classic! That was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while! Hilarious and Cali going off! Should be called “Nate Tyler Madness!” But sick performances by all. Super Stoked on this one! Thanks Lord Sterling and Co., you fellars rule!!

  • Me, Myself and I

    that was painfull to watch. this guy lives out of brand made hype. he has no part in a surf movie, even I surf better than him. a bunch of almost made suckass manouvers, hardly making them. plus it wasnt even funny…

  • Surfer

    awesome surfing. loved the clip of the guys from north shore