Surf Madness Teaser

A new film delving into the strange world of Sterling Spencer and friends

| posted on July 28, 2011

  • jeff

    WOW… I hope Sterling gets jumped by a pack of Brazilians. And I hate Brazilians…

  • Jim Dandelion

    Yeah that is one seriously unfunny, annoying dude.

  • Alex Hoselman

    Jim, your just mad because your last name is your last name, and going trough high school with that ;ast name probably got you tons of tail. Im suuuuurrree of it. And jeff, well shot, you have no last name. But if i had to bet, Id say its probably Shitnuckle. I hope Yancy III puts you guys right in the middle of a triple up and doesn’t let you out.

  • Wyatt

    That Sterling is considered comic says a lot about surfers. And what it says is, “We are not funny.”

  • Rob

    If the whole movie is like that, I dont I’ll last through the whole video. That shit is irritating

  • wouter de clerck

    i think it is hilarious. but maybe it’s because i am european.

  • Dman

    This is sad and very lame. If you want to be funny be a comic and go to some clubs. But please stop posting this CR@P on a surf website.

  • Alex Hossellman

    I bet all you shit hawks out there are huge Jeremy Flores fans. and cant surf. so go, go away. read some books

  • Jason

    Can’t wait for this movie… and seriously, a kid runs up the beach just to get Flores signature and he denies the kid. he deserves a little funny video about him. But go on and hate because you know Sterling doesn’t care. He shreds harder than any of you and has a great time making funny videos with his friends. thats the life you wish you had.