Surf Fitness with Taj Burrow

Work like Taj, surf like Taj

| posted on February 26, 2013

  • Mik

    so. upping the ante Mr. Burrow?


    stoked to see one of the most talented surfers ever going all in on fitness. it makes a huge difference. as does Yoga. FYI: here’s some insights for longevity, since my surfing friends know that i’m much older than people suspect, but staying in the game performance wise:

    1. Transcendental Meditation is a phenomenal addition to any Yoga routine. it produces a hypo-metabolic state of rest in 20 mins, that is twice as deep as the deepest stage of sleep,which takes 5 hours to achieve. So by meditating regularly twice a day, your mind, body and reflexes stay in a heightened state of awareness, and they stay young. aids in recovery time too. (avoiding alcohol helps stay young too, IE: Kelly Slater).

    2. avoid using isolated whey products as a protein supplement. the protein is OK, but it can produce Kidney Stones due to elevated levels of Calcium. this is a known problem in fitness circles, but not commonly known by most athletes. just saying be careful.

    best of luck to Taj!!! legend by any standard!

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    Hello friend,

    I have read below point so many times but unable to understand it. Will you please describe this.

    “Surfing has gone to a new plane,” says Dr. Tim Brown, co-medical director of the ASP. “You’re not just dealing with the surface of the board or the surface of the water any more. Now athletes are casting themselves into the air, and we know from sports medicine that whenever we leave the surface, whether its earth or water, the injury potential increases dramatically, especially to the ankle.”