Summer Solstice

RED Epic footage of Taj Burrow at home in West Oz

| posted on March 19, 2012

  • João

    Great Taj, what a technic, more than 15 years of new school!! Amazing slow motion…

  • Spectator

    Finally people are starting to figure out that slowmo is more valuable and more marketable to the public eye.

    Hope the sure industry recognizes this and supports it for what it is worth.

  • pat

    Im sorry, but does anybody actually enjoy watching surfing in slow motion. Enough already! its boring!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    I’m flaired up on the slo-mo, good stuff…….

  • silversurfs

    pat, I do love it myself. As long as its combined with ‘some’ regular motion…

  • joe

    More exciting to watch bodyboarders

  • Ralph’s Pic

    I love slo-mo when it’s used right. And in my honest opinion…this was used right. In fact, I think they were all rights. All kidding aside, how could anyone look at this and not see the absolute sheer beauty in each turn and drop of water? This was beautiful photography and freaking amazing surfing.

    I could watch it all day long. Great job.

  • required

    any slower and it would be a .PNG