Stolen Lines

Benjamin Sanchis in 4 minutes of Moroccan perfection

| posted on February 06, 2012

  • J

    What is the name of the song? Well fitted to the footage.

  • http://Surfer NHS

    Clean lines, filthy water. You know they are surfing in a sewer by the look of those blotchy brown patches of water. Dysentary, anyone?

  • john

    Pause it at 2:58 haha

  • Steve

    That’s not “Sewage” bro its sand in the shallow/ hollow spots.
    That song is Alice In Chains, Nutshell. How the hell does someone NOT know that tune, LOL.

  • Harry

    Does anyone know the song behind the video for the 2011 Billabong Grind TV Instant Classic Clip