Spring Cleaning

Balaram Stack on a seasonal tear through Australia

| posted on April 08, 2013

  • bufu

    Yeah that makes sense, drop Bal while you’re paying Ando six figures plus. Who’s making decisions over there? Bal may not be the best contest surfer but he’ s got the propensity to pull massive airs and pack huge ones in Hawaii better than anyone his age. Someone has got to pick this dude up.

  • Tide E.

    First things first, this kid rips; period. Next all the surfer comment trolls keep saying two things: 1) he needs to get a sponsor 2) Craig Anderson should have been cut blah blah blah. look firstly he’s got 8 sponsors including Lost, who cares about Quik, he can wear some other t-shirts now. As for the second, Ando F@#$ing kills it and should be respected. Stack getting cut was a business decision not a personal one.