South Florida and Sandy

The cleaner side of Hurricane Sandy delivers all-time surf to the banks of Florida

| posted on October 31, 2012

  • SmudeDogg

    This needs more Slow-Mo!

    Just kidding. Great waves, terrible edit.

  • jacob

    great waves and great edit. loved it. i’m sure smudedogg is a top not surf film videographer and editor.

  • carioca

    This needs more comments. A million more. Absolutely sic vid.

  • dane

    how many times are people gonna use this song? We understand that you have super slow-mo. It doesn’t make your crappy edit better.

  • carioca

    What’s with the freighter in the foreground? Washed up due to the waves?

  • moki

    what, no slow motion?

  • bill

    the slow mo, crappy trendy techno song, and editing really ruined what would have been a great clip of awesome barrelling waves

  • Owlbyrd

    I think the slo mo was cool and not over done. Obviously shot with high def- fps camera. Music was a nice departure from the typical noisy un-surf-vibeey hardcore crap. Too bad it takes such violent weather to get it so good.

  • Will Duke

    This video makes me proud to say I am an East Coast surfer.

  • Chucky Cheese

    This vid makes me want to get my board and go out right now. Its completely dark and there ain’t no waves but I just need to go out.

  • stickmayo

    People are so critical! I’m just glad to get a glimpse of the action. Wish I could have been there to see those waves. We just don’t get ’em like that very often on the east coast.

  • John

    Awesome vid, who sings this jam in the background?!

  • TB

    The haters of this vid edit should post a link to your sick videos. We would all love to see them.

    This vid is a solid effort for the time put in. Think about it. This vid was out a day or two after the footage was shot. Plus they were there with some of the top talent in world to catch an epic Florida swell. The effort to capture all of it was logistical coupe and getting the video out in 24 to 48hrs knowing that surfers all along the East Coast would want it ASAP.

    Congrats to the guys that put this together. Very nice!

  • Shane

    This is great stuff; surfers, film crew and editors alike. Chucky cheese says it all. Completely agree brother.

  • Josh

    Best Edit. EG!

  • Rich

    Hands down – best Sandy surf footage…amazing cinematography