Something for Your Eye

Craig Anderson, Jay Davies, and Ry Craike weave through heaving slabs at Greenbush

| posted on August 02, 2011

  • http://None P.J.

    The editors decision to go all half speed and B & W was a poor one. It’s dramatic and all but you can’t get a feel for the actual power and speed of that wave. Tell the dude to repost a full speed full color version. Kook.

  • http://Surfer NS

    Great vid! Love the gritty, stony, slo-mo effect. That wave is a fearsome thing, and those crazy cats find out how deep the rabbit hole goes!

  • http://Surfer NS

    Man, Greenbush is a hookah smoking catepillar! Still diggin’ this vid after ten views. Electricglasses, this is inspired fun at the editing bay. And that first guy going goofy has it dialed.

  • PshapesPablo

    This wave reminds me of a wave I’ve been surfing in Nica for the last 9 years