Slater’s Secret Atoll

Kelly Slater and friends score perfect waves on obscure isles

| posted on May 07, 2012

For more on Kelly’s trip, check out our June issue, available on newsstands now.

  • Mike @ El_Bodhisattva

    Why would anybody leave that for Rio ?

  • PPK

    @ Mike … Perhaps for Fame, Glory & the BIG $$$$$$$’s.

  • cray

    so kelly just got shacked at bali, then tavi, and now this secret atoll all between bells and rio? what am i doing wrong with my life?

  • bodhi

    A world title defender?

  • Mik

    The King, ruling his kingdom………

  • Mik

    The King… Ruling his kingdom.

  • Peter Hodgson

    Don’t expect Kelly to miss Brazil this trip was a couple months ago guys.

  • Skoot

    If I ever get the chance Im so gonna Snake you Kelly Slater.

  • Andi

    where the hack is that? looks so nice and warm 🙂

  • Ben

    I know where that is… and I have surfed it. An epic wave on its day.

  • SeaHag

    The plane gives it away…this group has many gems.

  • Brian

    I know where that is too! Surfed it in 2002. Great wave. You have to be a pretty dedicated traveler to get there though. Maybe not as consistent as we would all like it to be.

  • grant daley

    was all that shot with a go pro ?
    water footage looks cheap, but kelly is great to watch anyways.

  • bob

    What is with all those shaved heads?????? are they all wanna bees.

  • Jo

    I gotta go, I gotta winta..I know where those atolls are as well, a mission indeed..and lots of cash

  • jaime glenn

    I remember when – snarfle oink wheeze – wheeze was the bullet over my head sitting way outside ALONE at the Rancho. Inadvertently, the first bullet of this War. Soon after, Colosio was assassinated. Not too long before they got my sniper in TJ thanks to a Vespa and an Uzi it said in the paper. I sat with the commander of the PJF of both Michoacan and Guerrero in the back of one of the trucks back to Mex 200. He was in green looking like a common soldier, the only one with a rifle. He was known to raid the surf camp at Nexpa in a helicopter and plop down at the Saladita from time to time. Hack-cough-wheeze. That was a wheeze, I hope…

  • Ben

    Truth be told I’ve never seen it that hollow… On low tide the coral heads show, so must have been one epic confluence of events. Then again, it may just be the difference between a pro’s ability to find a tube and my own.

  • Casey

    I like the music. Who is it?