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Alex Gray getting really, really, ridiculously barreled all over the world

| posted on April 10, 2014

There’s no stopping Alex Gray. Here he is, over the last year, standing tall in hydraulic vortices all over the globe.

  • brrg

    Alex Gray is a beast

  • f32

    Looks like at min 2:00 he pushed a photographer into the water who’s camera was NOT in a water housing. If so……what a but head!

  • sambrosa

    i don’t understand the part where he pushes the guy with the camera and no housing into the water at 2:00. here he shows a 4:51 minute clip of himself being filmed all over the world but its not ok for someone else to film? is he trying to make a fool of himself?

    i am confused. he’s a nice, smart guy. what happened?

    great waves though!

    • Nulty

      That is one of Alex’s good friends Tom Cary he pushed in the water, they were goofing around, and the camera WAS in a housing.

  • Culvernation

    Damn.. I’m jealous!! Talk about scoring everywhere!

  • nig.ger

    this guy falls a lot. what is this fukin amateur hour? nice edit mike BUTLEY! jajaja. fags

  • Tighten up

    You guys are all mental, he wouldn’t destroy a cameramans gear who is shooting for him,
    And honestly the falling just shows the fact that he’s human, can’t stand surf movies where the dudes make every wave as if they don’t fall….you’re all morons

  • sean lees

    Dudes, Alex Gray is the smartest man in surfing. And he kills it too. Sort of like a J.O.B. with brains! See him in Billabong’s Live from the Moon. Epic.