Skeleton Coast

Watch Africa's longest left in a video supplement to our February issue

| posted on January 16, 2012

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  • Bob

    That left is ridiculous.

  • Daniel

    What?!Three deep barrels on a ride?!

  • Darthkater

    Way cool! No tricks, no 360s, no leaving the water for an air ride, just full on contact between water and board , and multiple enclosures in the Green Room. Just frickin fantastic!
    I thought at one point I could hear “Jaws” music playing softly, right after the shot of chasing the seals back into the surf.

  • eco man

    Wow,sick left…..hopefully this beautiful place is kept for the true explorers and not exploited by developments and surf camps……… 🙁

  • Carioca

    Anyone notice those big floats outside? Probably to hold up a net. A shark net?

  • poulet

    edit using old footage from this:

  • Ricky

    Don’t know that I would’ve chased all those sea lions into the water….feeding frenzy!!!

  • Ben

    Makes the other sand-bottom points look lame. Wow.

  • Fernando

    Ultra sharky waters, for sure.

  • alberto mujica

    who knows the song from that video