Diamond of the Desert

Koa and Alex Smith present Skeleton Bay, at its finest

| posted on August 11, 2014

From the boys at, a journey across arid African deserts to pure Skeleton Bay perfection. Alex and Koa Smith, along with Dylan Goodale, scored eternally hollow and reeling surf and brought back this mind-altering footage. It’s Skeleton Bay like you’ve never seen it before.

See and read more from this trip in our upcoming issue, on newsstands in a couple weeks. Until then, put this clip on repeat.

  • Juntao

    I just jizzed

  • Daniel Eggeling

    The Best of Go Pro filmed

  • bob

    first clip = go pro of the year hands down FTR

  • John Gasienica

    oh my god. oh my god

    • Jorge H

      I just want to say…AWESOME footage! I am awed and wish I had access to a wave like that every day. Video like that keeps me traveling and looking for the next fun wave outside of my home break. Thanks for the 15 m,inures of bliss:)

      • Daniel Feiteira Jr

        This post wasn’t meant for you Jorge H, it’s for an earlier post. I wanted to be anonymous as well

        Evolution in the way evolutionists described what happened and the way they “taught” us in public school is harder to believe in than having one creator. I mean think about it, how can nothing turn into something as mentioned by the so called “Big Bang Theory,” I truly can’t wrap my mind around it, that’s why it’s called a theory not the Big Bang fact. The theories that scientist put out should only be taken at face value because it’s a mere guess and not fact. I was always to question everything people say because we’re all humans and we’re flawed. I don’t believe in a religion but what I do believe that when I look at the beauty that surrounds us it’s hard not to believe that it was created, but surely not created by nothing. It all boils down to being able to have love and respect for your fellow human being, the world would be a better place if everyone would just get over themselves and have love and respect. That’s my rant, Great clip from one fellow braddah from Hawaii to you braddahs finding the closest thing to heaven on earth. Mahalo’s, keep rippin, and take me next time…lol. Aloha!

  • Chicken Joe

    holy shit ballzzz

  • ichorousmedia .

    I thought wow, someone finally sent a shout out to the inventor of the barrel view george greenough with that pink floyd song…then they ruined it with trap music…at least the last song wasn’t that bad. footage where he turns the camera and freaks out is the best lol.

    • Bill

      I’ll send out a shout. Thank you, George Greenough, the surfing pioneer who over 40 years ago strapped a homemade camera to his back and, on his kneeboard, filmed inside the wave for the first time. Check out his film, CRYSTAL VOYAGER, especially the final Pink Floyd sequence, ECHOES.

  • flsurf7

    I want…. no……. I need one of those gopro mouthpieces

  • Matchsticks

    How could anyone be an atheist after watching that….

    • da3m0n

      Quite easily actually

    • Mcdudeston

      I didn’t see god anywhere in that video… Just heaven.

      • Gary McCay

        But I saw “G”od all over that video!

        • bill

          You’re in the wrong section for the videos on god. That’s in the Middle East section… you know, where they’re killing each other in the name of…

          • Gary McCay

            “in the name of” god…I’ll agree with that…but not in the name of “G”od!

    • Alex Reiley

      Lol why does the beauty of nature imply there is a supernatural creator?

      • Guest

        Because simple minded people can’t imagine that all of this wasn’t created just for us.

        • Gary McCay


      • Gary McCay

        Because it’s not “natural” for order to come from chaos.

        • Bill

          Read the work of the Belgian chemist Ilya Prigogine on ‘dissipative structures’ in nature.

          • godisntreal

            That escalated quickly

        • Bill

          BTW, those “orderly” Skeleton Bay waves were generated from the chaos of distant oceanic storms.

          • Gary McCay

            Sea bottom created those waves…

      • Keelan Jenkins

        For the same reason art at a museum implies there is an artist responsible for the piece.

      • Bill

        God is not necessarily supernatural. That’s only one version of the “creative intelligence” flowing through the cosmos – the Judeo-Christian one.

    • Michael Soule

      Pease! Seriously? Lol!

    • Michaël Leclézio

      why ruin this clip with the bitter taste of religious bigotry??

      • Gary McCay

        All he did was ask a rhetoric question. If it was recognized as just that, the thread would have continued without harm. The thread got off topic when it was taken otherwise.

      • bill

        I thought religion was ignorance?

    • erick

      uh…cause there is no god?

      • Keelan Jenkins

        But, if you are truly honest with yourself you don’t believe that. The truth is written deep in your heart.

        • dinosaurs on acid

          Actually its quite the opposite feeling, true honesty with oneself reveals that fear and inconsolable egotism are at the heart of any persons belief in “god”.

  • LeRoy Rowland

    Holy Long Barrels Batman!!

  • James B

    BEST GO PRO CLIP OF THE YEAR, HANDS DOWN!! Great job, boys!!

  • Naked Viking Surf

    Mind-bending opening barrel sequence!! Appropriate that it’s set to ‪Pink Floyd‬’s “BREATHE”… without the reminder, you’d forget while watching.

    Sick work lads. Keep it up.

  • Bt

    best edit i have ever seen!! the first sequence is epic!

  • Jay

    Instant classic! Great job to the surfers and the video editors!

    • Dtrean

      Thank you, appreciate that.

  • Bobby Bobby

    rave guys

  • californian_aware


    • Gary McCay

      Lol, gnarly!

  • merlino

    Who created those perfect barrels?

    What a silly question; the structure and semantics of which rule out any serious consideration.

    This “Yes/No, god?”, “Yes/No, God?”, or for that matter, “Yes/No, dog?” thread is such a waste of space; mental and cyber.

    But I’ll add on. Not to bash, but to frame transgression.

    First, the “YES GOD!” believers, whether surfers or not, won’t change. So no point bashing or trying to convince them otherwise. They won’t change, because they can’t. Because the brain, like the rest of our organs, is also an EVOLVED organ. And for some of our species, it will take more than a several 1,000 years to undue what took evolution several 1,000 years to culturally and physiologically produce.

    In short, there is no point arguing with “Bronze Age” philosophies when they’re inextricably bound to “Bronze Age” physiology and cultural norms.

    Non-believers, just be patient. Let evolution take it’s course. And in time, it will.

    Infact, it is.

    Several 1,000’s of years ago, specialization led to increased co-habitation. The first civilizations were born. Civilizations needed to make “order in the chaos”. (eg. That’s where the order in the chaos came from, Mr. Gary McCay).

    You see, civilization needed leaders and followers (aka. believers). And so, leaders introduced the concept of the monotheistic god. Those who didn’t subscribe lost status (ie. stuff and their often their well-being and lives). Those who did subscribe gained ‘cultural capital’ (ie. power, influence, more stuff, their lives).

    But that evolved. And by a few 1000 of years ago, the leaders of civilizations (world wide) had consolidated their power. They ruled their respective civilizations with the brutal force, violence, and clarity that only an ideologue could embrace; the historic specialty of the world’s dominant religions and ideologues.

    Further evolution: 100’s of years ago, with most non-believers effectively marginalized, the religiousized leaders and followers were still not content. So, they turned their brutality on each other. (catwalk here: Today, the Muslims are at the same arc in their development as the Christians were 100’s of years ago. They’re almost done marginalizing the non-believers in their regional midst, and are turning their ideological brutality on each other in a manner that resembles the Protestant Reformation.)

    Currently, in the Modern Age, the religious leaders and followers have lost much of that historic self-appointed power they’d come to take for granted over the last several 1000’s of years. So they’ve been forced to change shape. Or at least change their approach.

    But beware of the wolf in lamb’s clothing.

    Now their going to try to win the “Yes/No, god? Yes/No, God?, or Yes/No, dog?” argument on the grounds of intellectualism, science, creationism, and I dare say, Good-vibe, Bro’! (ie. “Jesus rocks!”)

    Now, they want civilization (that’s all of us) to think that “Jesus was a surfer.” And “God was the architect of all the waves.”

    Well….. No.

    And thank goodness….. “No.”

    There is no celestial god, God, or dog trying to snake your wave while punishing you for merely thinking about the lovely gal in the thong in the water next to you.

    No hard feelings on my end.

    Now. Go surf.

    • rainbowbudland

      @merlino – The waves are created by storms that create swells. The swells travel to the coast, and when they hit water that is shallow enough, they break.
      That is where waves come from.
      On your post. #1 – WAY TOO LONG. I can’t even read the whole thing.
      You are totally crazy. You have let religion cloud your judgment. I don’t know how other surfers feel about the celestial part of surfing, as opposed to you thinking you know the EXACT 2 religious paths ANY surfer would take.
      Surfing for me is a spiritual thing sometimes. A nice glassy day, with some good surf. Not many people out, hearing all of the sounds, releasing myself from society and people like merlino. It is the one time I really feel “free.” I feel honed, in tune, good, at peace. Ironically, none of my feelings have anything to do with “religion.”
      Do us a favor, poser. Go home, and keep your religious rants to yourself.
      Later man.
      Now. Don’t surf at my local spot.

      • Frank_likes_waves

        I love that you admit to not even reading this guys post and then try to rip him to shreds for what he wrote. The best bit was where you hassle him about the very opposite point he was trying to make.
        I for one found his post insightful and inspiring.

        • rainbowbudland

          Then go praise the lord…

  • Mantisbis

    Isn’t it crazy how quick these internet treads escalate into argument and hate? Who cares about any of your self important and frankly ‘unchristian’ (or whatever faith you may or may not follow)… or just plain thick opinions. The point is it’s a nicely filmed video with some epic waves surfed well.. Who as a surfer wouldn’t want to have a bash I think was the intended purpose of the film.

  • Jimothy

    U guys argue, I’m going surfin

  • Sam the Man

    Hang Ten Boys.

  • Sam the Man

    Hang Ten boys

  • LB

    Beautiful. Absolutely. And beautifully scored, beautifully edited. Thank you for 15 minutes of absolute goodness.

  • hel06

    I love the trip and especially the cry … the passion in its purest form

  • mp

    siiiiiiick video.goofy footers paradise

  • snowiswater2

    Jesus invented surfing…boom…

  • gutty

    Sickys in Africa yeah Kauai boys holding up it down

  • Jason Jackson

    Interesting but boring.

  • J

    wait wat the fuck was that boogy boarding shit LOL

  • Emmett King

    y’all need to chill and mellow out.