Shaun Tomson on Today Show

The former world champ lays down some wisdom on Kathie Lee Gifford and co.

| posted on June 17, 2011

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  • whamo

    I’ll never forget watching Shaun take off on four huge closeouts in a roll at the 81 Pipe Masters. He took a beating and kept on ticking.

  • Dickson Cider

    If anyone gets the chance, rent some of those early Hal Jepson movies and some of the other late seventies, very early eighties flicks. I doubt they ever got transferred to DVD but Shaun’s surfing will still blow your mind as he does impossible floaters and would stay in the tube forever. He was very ahead of his time.

  • daniel

    a true pioneer of tube riding, and a gentleman of the sport as well. Go Shaun!!!!