Seven Ghosts

Tom Curren and friends take on a barreling tidal bore in an Indonesian river

| posted on April 11, 2011

  • Aaron

    WOW, unfreakin-beleivable…amazing footage, amazing waves. I’m envious of those guys to find something remotely that amazing and to have the cajone’s to surf that not knowing the dangers in that river. Mad props & much love to everyone involved!

  • Jay Napeahi

    DAMN…..What a world we live in.

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  • http://Surfer Nat Sherrill

    5 Rip Curl video clues + 2 minutes on Google Earth = Lat. 010’24.46N by Long 102-34’57.03 E and village of “Teluk Meranti” = “Seven Ghosts”

  • Rodney

    Simply Amazing…Perfect sets that keep on coming…

  • http://www, evan.colwell

    dud this is the sh it lol

  • Sean K. Moore

    This bore works on a high tide? High tides comes twice a day. I wonder of the variance in size based on tide height. 31 km seems hard to believe but watching the above footage alone is just phenominal and hard to think such a place exists.

  • Slater

    sick dudeee

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  • Alek

    I already surfed here.

  • El Tiburon

    insane in the membrane