Second Stop

Nathaniel Curran about in Australia

| posted on October 22, 2012

  • Yoda

    Gawd, I need to get back to Australia!

  • john

    waves beginning @2:45 are dreamy, but do some TURNS for godsake !

  • Judge #3

    John, I just paused at 3 minutes to tell you he has done a turn on every wave since 2:45… chill out

  • the boyo

    this is better than uno! one of the best surfers not on the tour!!

  • North Jetty Nut

    Nathaniel – Your surfing is more interesting that 90% of the pros on tour. You’ve got mad gangstah flow. Make more of these clips and we’ll support you. Really refreshing. Glad to see you are still ripping.