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Chadd Konig paddles the California Coast to raise awareness about fracking

| posted on October 11, 2012

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  • water guy

    while there is little doubt that in general man is causing damage to the earth and specifically drilling for oil, like drive cars and making things from non biodegradable materials is bad for the earth it is important to get facts correct. Fracking has been around for 50 years and there is not scientific information showing that it causes problems. Although fracking does require a lot of water the water to chemical mix is 99% water and is now being published. in many locations such as in North Dakota the 1% of fracking fluids that are not water are found in the earth thousands of feet below the surface (where the fracking takes place) and are not necesarily man made. Maybe less time paddling and more time research facts would be good. i wonder what material the surfboard and batteries that were used in the filming were made of and whether they were disposed of properly?

  • pat

    Okay, who’s next. Who’s going to paddle down the California coast to “raise awareness” for something. Make sure you call Billabong and let your hair grow.

  • Beatrice

    What a great young man who bothers to raise awareness about such a worrying issue! Just talk to Aboriginals elders in the Hunter Valley region in Australia, for example. Go there and see for yourself what damage human-induced fracking causes. Fracking is causing tremors and quakes.
    I take my hat off to anyone who cares to makes such a courageous and powerful statement. Thank you, Chadd!