Santa Cruz, From Above

Aerial footage of Kyle Buthman and Austin Smith-Ford dodging a jetty to score barrels

| posted on July 16, 2014

Some takeoffs require more commitment than others. In this clip of Santa Cruz residents Kyle Buthman and Austin Smith-Ford at one of their local breaks, hesitation isn’t an option. Unless, of course, you want to be slammed into concrete jacks. For those willing to chance the man-made dangers that also make the wave what it is, a clean and short barrel awaits.

  • Santos

    I think the big fish that appears in the footage requires even more commitment…WTF. Check it out at 0:24 sec.

  • Fernando Pujol

    This is not good men. You can desapear from a minute to another. is not good. you are not concient

    • Jared


  • Patrick Flynn

    @Santos – I was thinking the same thing! WTF was that??