Ryan Hipwood, “The Right”

The big-wave charger returns to the wave that nearly took his life two years ago

| posted on June 02, 2014

Ryan Hipwood has made a career out of surfing the borderline impossible and “The Right” in Western Australia surely qualifies for the distinction. Certainly, there are waves at “The Right” that actually are impossible to make (0:15, 0:23, 0:48, to list a few). Mark Mathews, Dean Morrison,and a handful of others willing to roll the dice have waves as well and at least one Jet Ski fell victim to the reef (1:16).

  • John

    Truly the most threatening wave I have ever witnessed. . . “As veteran Big Wave Rider . . .I sincerely and strongly suggest ALL riders of this particular wave to have a can of “SPARE AIR” velcro strapped to there leg! . . I stand prayerfully trusting for the safety of all riders!” Ev. John Fair

  • Michael Cornish

    These guys really are playing Russian Roulette.

  • Alex

    Does anyone know the song?

  • Alex

    Never mind, I got it. The song is The Last Stand’ by Tim Besamusca.

  • pk

    That’s the best surfing I’ve ever seen. Ever. Anywhere. Anytime. I agree with John the previous writer on all accounts

  • Fenneke

    I held my breath thru the whole video!! Fattest craziest wave ever!!!

  • nick s.

    Badass Mothers! You guys more than rock!!

  • web design myths

    The heaviest wave I have ever seen. RESPECT to all of those guys. Can you paddle into this wave or strictly tow in?

  • Surfer Paul

    Definitely the most Challenging Wave Today!!