Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Day 1 Highlights

A highlight reel from the first day of competition at Bells

| posted on April 03, 2012

  • abster

    check out the preview blog.
    my predictions were ………correct. 😛
    wazzup now.. got my head shaved, walking my pitbulls around balboa island with the wedgie crew

  • goblin

    nic muscroft… i saw that surfing in 1995; look like you and jeremy flores have similar primitive styles.

  • maria

    Rip Curl now makes us realise what RIP stands for.


    The RC pro was an absolute farce in Victoria 2012.
    Once hundreds of us had wasted time queueing up, parking, walking through a dust bloody storm and finally got to the beach? …Rip Curl had built private frontiers on the cliffside i.e. we didn’t have a view of the beach from the top of the cliff. Unless we were seen AS VIP’s we weren’t allowed anywhere. The joke was that we were watching the surf comp on a bloody screen located in the middle of this bloody farce!!! The beach was full of VIP drunks!!! They had absolutely no interest in the surf!!!

  • Lucas

    I love surfing the great lakes, but this video ralely shows how much less power great lake waves ralely have .did you see how slow he was going and how lethargic his turns were on those big waves!!!! Still surfing though!!!! Kudos to Red Bull for showing people that with passion the possibilities are endless and major props to Sterling for coming out here and checking it out!!!!!