Front row seats to a super session at The Box

| posted on April 15, 2014

Ignore the contest, the main event last week was across the channel at The Box. See this footage of Noa Deane, Jordy Smith, Josh Kerr, CJ Hobgood, Anthony Walsh, Aritz Aranburu, and more getting shacked at West Australia’s most infamous slab for proof.

  • Ralphy Winnebago

    Josh Kerr would’ve won hands down, had the remainder ben held at the box. He is built for slab surfing and secretly one of the best barrel riders on tour.

    • michael

      im not sure how much of a secret it is?

  • hs

    josh kerr 🙂

  • Jerry Heard


  • javier

    Josh… impressive…. but what about backsiders CJ , A. Walsh, really much dificult and more valuable surfing in this wave

  • nc

    air drops while already inside the barrel…