Ride of the Year Nominees

These five waves are up for the top honor at this year's Billabong XXL Awards

| posted on April 01, 2014

In years past, there always seemed to be a wave or two that stood out above the others for the Billabong XXL Ride of the Year award. This year, however, all five nominees are very evenly matched. Which do you think deserves to take home top honors?:

Grant “Twiggy” Baker – Dungeons, South Africa
Shane Dorian – Jaws, Hawaii
Billy Kemper – Jaws, Hawaii
Greg Long – Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Shaun Walsh – Jaws, Hawaii

  • Smithers

    gotta be Greg Long

  • imdumb

    None of those are even on par with Greg Long’s puerto bomb.

  • Ben Roy

    I’ve been to Escondido myself. No insults to jaws, but Greg Long’s wave by a landslide.

    • sandy ravage

      That far bar tube on that huge board….hands down!!

  • cleanSooke

    Twiggy for sure!

  • josiah

    Backing Long as well. Jaws was soooo clean, S. Africa looked like the wind was crazy offshore, but Long going left on that beast gives him the edge IMO.

  • leon llodra lopez

    No doubt, Greg Long – Puerto Escondido, Mexico

  • alex

    greg long or shaun walsh

  • whiskeytangofoxtrot

    They are all to good to judge.

  • SH

    How is Andrew Cotton’s massive 80 foot wave not included in the final 5? That was simply harrowing.