Restless Road: Part 2

Mike Losness, Jesse Hines, and Peter Devries in New Zealand's deep south

| posted on February 07, 2011

For more on their adventure in South Island, NZ, check out our March issue.

  • central cal

    that looks cold

  • Bonesy

    Devries always looking fast & loose in that rubber.

  • borat pause not

    That little slab looks so fun. Cool to see deveries on these trips.

  • Seth

    Beautiful. Anyone know the music artist?

  • whamo

    You can find better surf in California.

  • Alex Lasker

    Ditto on the music. How could they leave the artist off??

  • bryce

    the artist is Joel P West.

  • Andy

    @ Whamo, yip on that day you might find better surf in Cali, but you would still be in Cali ; ( NZ has more coastline than all of the US, its warm in the North an cold in the South, with great waves in between, so go travel.

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