Restless Road: Part 1

Mike Losness, Jesse Hines, and Peter Devries in frigid South Island surf

| posted on February 01, 2011

For more on their adventure in South Island, NZ check out our March issue.

  • Surf Ride

    Damn that looks cold… just watching made my nipples hard!

  • Louis

    Peter is the best surfer, people will discover it soon enough….
    the guy is probably the most dedicated surfer in canada, never miss a beat…

    surf surf and more surf… easy in Cali or Oz… but Canada the water is so freaking cold is not funny…


  • the dude

    Sweet-as! I spent 6 months in the south island of NZ in 2005 while “studying” abroad. Surfed almost every day at the beach break featured in the first section of the film! I’ll never tell where it is… it’s cold, but always that empty. just you and the great whites, sea lions, and penguins

  • bru

    That’s not cold. Leaves on trees and no snow. “Coolish” would be the right word. With the full-hoodies on they must be sweating pearls bru.

    Good action! Cheers.

  • Ivar C.

    That looked a lot like Raglans too us. Not saying that it was… just saying.

    • Bonzai

      background is all wrong to be Rags

    • Dan

      Raglans? You mean Raglan, your soooooo far off, time to travel.

  • Coastal

    It’s Porridge.

  • Dan

    No it’s Not!

  • http://surfer chiron

    why do they have to put such rubbish vacuous music on surf films why cant there be some reggea , dub , hip hop aint it time for some change after all we have been listening to this for the last 15 years

  • Fernando

    Ok you post a note on how youtube killed secret spots BUT at the same time you put a video and soon an article in the mag about this place and where it is. You should start NOT mentioning the whereabouts and names of places which are not popular YET around the world.

  • Francis

    Yeah its not Porridge but a similar wave in a similar place. @ the dude, you surfed that beachie almost everyday? Thats commitment because it’s pretty remote. Your nearest steak ‘n cheese pie is miles away.
    Also I doubt this place will get crowded. You can wait weeks with howling southerlies and often that beach break is chunky and out of control.

    You never know though…