Raising the Roof

Barrels and Voluntourism in El Salvador

| posted on March 27, 2013

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  • Blake Barrett

    I am going on one of the trips to help work on that bridge Lisette mentioned at the end of the video, and am so stoked!
    This is my second time volunteering with Surf for Life and they are a FANTASTIC organization!

  • Sierra Brasher

    A huge thank you to Surfer Magazine for posting this video, and thanks to Branden for filming. We are so thrilled to have accomplished so much with the help of our volunteers a strong network of supporters from the surf community. This summer, we’re offering volunteer trips to El Salvador to finish the bridge mentioned in this video, and we’re also building a sustainable high school with Waves of Hope in northwest Nicaragua. If you’re interested in learning more or volunteering with us, please shoot us an email at: Thanks again so all for your continued support!

  • Bill Stefanacci

    Check out all of our media on the Surf For Life Vimeo Channel!

  • Steve Wimer

    Good work, Surf For Life.

  • Shreejana Pradhan

    Join Surf for Life on a trip of a lifetime – full of surfing and building – here: