Pohnpei Holidei

Ry Craike and friends head to Pohnpei in the Caroline islands

| posted on June 03, 2011

  • Benjamin

    In 2000-2001 I was a student missionary on the Island on Pohnpei and taught 4th grade at the Pohnpei Seventh-Day Adventist school. Back in the day our student missionary crew were the only ones (except a local lawyer and his friend) to surf any of these breaks. In the ten months, we surfed a few times each week and never ran into another surfer 99% of the time. I hope with all this surf expose people are respecting the locals and taking care of the island. There are always risk factors connected with increased travel growth to a rural area like Pohnpei. To this day still the best waves I have ever surfed in my life!

  • Michael

    Benjamin, get over it and move on…

  • kelly s

    benjamin…game over

  • Chris

    Jezz, Benjamin has an honest, respectful, and progressive look on modern day surf exploration and missionary work in general…and you to have to be cynical bastards about it. Maybe the world IS better off without us humans…the majority only have horrible perspectives anyway and just wish to ruin everything pure wherever we go.

  • Jocko

    As the Lady at the airport said, You can surf in Guam!! Some really good surf there! Well worth checking out…

  • The Slide


    Don’t forget Fred Mendiola…..

  • LouDMouF

    Checked out Guam, no surf there. When there is surf, it’s heavily localized. The lifeguard there said to check out Philippines.

  • Benjamin

    I am glad that tons of peeps are getting the chance to surf Pohnpei, I have not surfed there in ten years, but have a bunch of local friends that have a new appreciation for their island after learning to surf with the discovery of this place. Majuro and Kossari also have good surf if you are island hopping back to Hawaii from Guam. I am getting over it lol

  • Beau Alvarez

    1977first white boyto paddleout in the passwith VinceHagerstrom