Aerial Perspective

Pipeline like you've never seen it before

| posted on January 02, 2014

  • dudeman

    this video isn’t working

  • Jamey Steiner

    Epic, best drone video yet.

  • siom

    Waves look two feet.

  • james

    Beautiful…and thank god, no thrash metal music.

    • Imurai Cs

      It’s Lindsey Stirling, check her out! She’s an awesome violinist who writes and performs her music (and is dancing meanwhile)
      BTW what is your problem with thrash metal?

      • james

        No problem. Just don’t like it. Never did. Each to his own.

  • samrap

    Film and edit is by Eric Sterman. He uses an RC Quad Rotor to get these shots.

  • amosandy

    Excellent work…can’t wait to see Tahiti and Fiji and Mundaka!!!

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  • Steve Roy

    Some of the best surfing footage I’ve ever seen.

  • Steve Mims


  • warrenclark

    Unreal! At what location?

  • jep07

    what gimbal configuration did you use?

  • Chrigid

    still not working

  • mickeefann

    Outstanding footage, and music!!!

  • Bella_Fantasia

    Is this the North Shore Oahu pipeline? I thought it was gone. There was no trace of it in 1998 after the condition black. It Never felt this good to be Wrong!

  • Anna Jorgensen

    Where is this?