Valhalla’s Coast

Journey to a Norwegian surf paradise with Pat Millin

| posted on August 22, 2014

Almost 50 years ago, a Norwegian surfer named Thor shaped his first surfboard to ride the frigid waves of Unstad Bay. It didn’t go very well. But since, with the advance of travel and neoprene, Norwegian surfers have built an unlikely surf paradise in those Lofoten Islands. Pat Millin has become a frequent visitor, braving the remoteness and the weather for a slice of the Nordic surf scene. This is his tale.

Read and see more from this trip on our September Issue.

  • Sondre

    Nice film! Always cool to see pro surfing in my homeland. You should come to the west coast next time. Check out @sondreforsell at Instagram to see what it’s like 🙂

  • goofy_foot

    Waves Look Epic!!!! Can’t Wait To Surf the Arctic!

  • OleKristian_Lofoten

    Follow the surf at Unstad @ The worlds northernmost live surfcam. Flat today…

  • Sh Ana

    Wauw. beautiful waves and film. Well done.

  • YPO

    I get the stunning backdrops, but that’s not a cold water backdoor. Is it worth it?

  • Chris Culver

    Awesome little piece, keep up the good work!!

  • arnoldo Picota

    look awesom for vacation. phone please?