Paddling into Jaws

Mark Healey talks about a recent paddle-in session at massive Jaws

| posted on February 16, 2011

Click here to see the our photo gallery of the session

  • Nicholas Nunez

    S.O.S !!
    Born & Raised in Santa Cruz..
    Stuck in North West.
    Riding Lincoln City.
    Need Sunshine.
    Going Home.
    No Shortboard.
    Down on my luck.
    God Bless.

    Never Forget Sion Milosky.

    (Mark Healey Giveaway 50 Words or Less Contest)

  • Rayne Wood

    Moved to Cal
    Left board in South africa
    beging to surf agian
    love monster
    taking spear gun class
    You are my role model
    please chose me i need to surf to broke to afford own board
    what would jesus do?
    (mark healey Giveaway 50 words or less contest)

  • Dylan Bingham

    It’s easy to say that i want, want, want, selfish me, blah blah blah, but the truth is that i’d love to see same kid from the midwest winning this, moving out to the coast and changing their lives. But i’d still love to win something this amazing.(Mark Healey Giveaway 50 words or less contest)