One Session at Rincon

Travers Adler and his stylistic affair with The Queen

| posted on February 09, 2012

  • jen

    wow, nice love the party wave clips!

  • jeff

    yeah, please more clips!! I loved surfing today with 567,789,000 of my closest friends from Orange County!!!! Awesome!!!!

  • jeff

    So wait,… If i surf all floppy, it’s considered stylish??? Oh, sorry, forgot about the alternative jazz music in the background, the no leash vibe, and the wetsuit hood, but no booties… makes sense.

  • connor

    wow jeff, you are a chode. have you ever done a backfilp? ever thrown a layback as hard as trav? not everyone wants to surf like they are in a contest

  • Larame

    I think I burned that guy today

  • pat

    is that guy joking? I can’t tell.

  • jeff

    Connor, is “Trav” giving you a reach around or what? That’s the most contrived bit of surfing I’ve seen in awhile.

    I know you don’t understand the word contrived, with your most likely home schooled education, look it up!

  • frankie valley

    I enjoyed it, although he loses points for riding a light weight Channel Island, no stylist worth a damn uses a leash, and he really should let his hair grow out. Oh and a front zip streamer would really set the whole thing off. Just for consideration

  • Kevin

    He’s playing around, having fun. I think it is clear the guy can surf. Humor on wave isn’t easy.

  • John

    What’s wrong with a dude having some fun on a little racy day? He seemed pretty good-natured to me, maybe a little campy, but some pretty good surfing I though. A bit different than the typical surf clip, but I thought it was refreshing to see someone surfing just to have a good time,… maybe the haters need to re-evaluate why they are in the water.

  • Connor

    Whether his surfing is contrived or spontaneous, he is having more fun than anyone and he is ripping!

    Why do some people feel the need to criticize anyone who is not riding a 6′ thruster or trying to get in as many turns as possible?

  • Owlbyrd

    Thanks for the laughs. I had a rough week, sick kid, money woes- can’t work or surf anymore because of jacked up spine. Here is surfing at it’s purest. People take surfing and other pursuits too seriously. How I miss being out in the lineup just having fun and enjoying a small part of God’s vast and complex creation.

    Too many waste time wrangling over words of contention and spouting off useless rhetoric… like what i just did 😉

    The smile on the face happy surfer at the end of the vid says it all.

  • Whamo

    SURFER calls this surfing stylish? Stylish surfing is smooth. This guy is herky jerky.