One For LA

Representing the South Bay in Los Angeles

| posted on November 26, 2012

  • truth revealed

    SInce when is Surfside Jetty (Orange County) been in LA ‘s South Bay?

  • jon

    Used to have many a good day surfing at that first spot when I used to have to live near there.

  • edfactor

    Some really shitty music.

  • who are ya?

    That’s not the surfside jetty, is a jetty a little further up the coast, but still not LA. Although there are shots of the El Porto Jetty earlier in the clip, which is LA. I think this clip should have been just 2 solid minutes of closeouts so people could get a real idea of South Bay surfing.

  • gary

    I don’t think that they are claiming that the last jetty is LA, I think they are just showing LA surfers surfing cuz on their site they talk about traveling n stuff.