On The Rocks

Mason Ho tastes the North Shore's lesser-known slabs

| posted on February 28, 2013

  • El Snatcho

    This dudes videos make surfing look fun and attainable! Dig it!

  • Mike Murciano

    My favorite person to watch surfing!

  • Ken Cencal

    Fun hardcore very nice

  • Ron Pareja

    The Ho family has the most fun in the water by far. This guy’s videos get me so stoked.

  • croxfoma

    And for real…hearing Can in the background. Surfing soundtracks are stepping up. i salute you, Surfer Mag.

  • brastrive

    god bless the Ho’s family keeping influencing

  • Jeff

    That Tame Impala song is nuts! Can’t wait to see them at coachella

  • Bert

    Kid is awesome! 2 minutes of him just cleansed my palette after wasting an hour on Mick and Parko’s lame series.

  • Dave Dunkin

    Looks like he’s living up to his pop. His dad is probably really proud

  • Ben

    This guy is officially one of the world’s best surfers at this point. Amazing that he’s flown under the radar for so long. So versatile.

  • Jay

    Dude is tha real deal

  • Rus surfer

    Ahaha! Nice! Laughed 😀

  • drumwell

    Infectious personality AND surfing …


    Surfing for the most important reason of all….FUN!
    Super refreshing, great edit.

  • bjorn

    Back in a less serious time, if there was a south swell, you just went to Ala Moana, cruised on Magic Island and sure enough, Michael, Derek and the boys would show. It’s rad that Mason keeps this vibe alive. Yeah, son, God’s using you! Aloha is still on!

  • ZEROfxcksGIVIN


  • steve

    da fuck is that guy talking about?

  • Corey Fisher

    I love this guy.