Oh Dear, Ocean Beach

Big west swell brings the heavy to San Francisco

| posted on December 19, 2013

  • ob transplant

    Everyone wonders why it’s been so crowded these days at Ocean Beach. You’re shooting yourselves in the foot by posting these videos. And for what? What could you possibly have gotten for posting this video online? OB was only recently an “underground” spot where you could find quality uncrowded surf . Now it looks like Southern California. Quit posting these videos you stupid fucks.

    • hah

      Trust me, OB is not becoming a surf destination because of these videos. You’re kidding yourself. The spot is in the middle of an enormous metropolitan city, and surfing is growing more popular each year. Crowds are gonna grow.

      • fleischaker

        wrong, anyone who has been surfing here for at least 10 years or even 5 will attest to how noticeably more crowded ob has become starting with the Ripcurl contest then the exposure from MLK 2013

        • Surfer for the Republic

          It’s Obama’s fault.

    • cononsense

      You obviously haven’t surfed in SoCal recently! Seriously, on a day like this, how could it possibly affect your enjoyment or wave count? I got plenty of waves, I was there. Don’t start being a dick just because it doesn’t look like 1995 anymore. Plus, you’ll never get abject kooks out there at this size; they’d never make the paddle.

    • BayBaller

      Get outa here tranny

  • Beau Jeste

    Like that…

  • Your Mom

    Lol its OB! It’s right in SF a major metro area, Everybody knows about it, Cry your eyes out 🙁 It’s 2013 everyone has a camera…

  • Sickson

    I agree. Stop blowing up OB. it’s a shit show out there these days thanks to the ASP and surfline. Sheeps will flock here more and more each year if it keeps being exposed. Half these people don’t even know why they come here anyway other than they saw surfing on TV or some shitty car commercial for Audi or something and believe it’s what they should do of a weekend in california.

  • OB Surfer
  • Max

    OB transplant is me, most people living in SF don’t even realize there’s good surf there…I’m an SD surfer, but been surfing OB for years, especially in dec/jan when there’s real waves. Yes surfing is growing, but posting these completely contributes! But if u surf like me, it doesn’t matter cause most are kooks anyway. All my waves in encinitas are full of idiots now..just have to deal w it. Ps, I surfed everyday of that video last year…I never surfed with more than 2 people. It’s not nearly as bad as SoCal

  • Donnie

    I left SF 10 years ago for Hawaii because OB was getting too crowded (believe it or not Hawaii is less crowded). So to hear people say OB is even more crowded now than before is amazing. So not only are they stuck with crappy weather, cold water and Nancy Pelosi… but the waves are even more crowded! Getting out of that hole was the best move I ever made in my entire life. Aloha!

    • Brigz

      Donnie left to Hawaii because OB was too crowded? Or was it because the weather sucks 90% of the time and Hawaii is just a little more tropical than the concrete jungle. Dumbest reply ever..Pelosi comment was good though. I live in Santa Rosa and have been surfing OB for years. Everywhere you surf in CA is the same tons of people in the “line up” with only 10% actually catching waves… I am just surprised how many people own suits and boards that never catch waves…. The guys that can surf and have gopros should post their pics and make up new locations to send all the terds on an endless chase. Lets start tagging epic surf to locations like Pacifica/Lindamar and corral all the kooks in one little bay.

  • Infernoartist

    Ok so let me get this straight .

    Stop posting videos stop opening surf shops and surf repairs spots as well .
    Let’s not evolve is that it ?

    I’m all for keeping things on the DL , music , art , neighborhoods but it’s 2014 the world has changed .

    Nothing is sacred anymore . Live with it , I’m trying to .

  • Randy savage

    Stop posting on stoke report. Stop taking pictures and tagging them. Stop using social media to tell people you scored.

  • Mikey Boy

    I spent a month in Frisco (I know they hate this) this past October and surfed OB pretty much every day. Great, great wave, and hardly anyone was on it. It got to double overhead, and the bigger it got the less people I saw. There was one Saturday out at Rivera when it was overhead, 80 degrees, and sunny, and there were still only like ten dudes out there. Anyone who thinks this place is crowded needs a reality check. Techie don’t surf.

  • Rad Bosuego

    very cool!