The 4:3 Series: Part I

Noa Deane excites in any dimension

| posted on June 18, 2014

Pixelated 4:3 screens and punk tracks are for more than just the chop hops we grew up watching on bootlegged VHS. We’ve teamed up with Noa Deane to present this exclusive series that fuses the style of yesterday with the air-game of tomorrow. Enjoy Part 1 of “The 4:3 Series” now.

  • Mark Gregory

    Maybe I just don’t get it, but bad looking video just looks bad.

  • Biff

    This is horrible. Squishing 16:9 footage to 4:3 and putting a VCR effect on it is moronic.

  • Beve

    I think it’s fine puts an old school effect like lords of dogtown in it yet having the new style of surfing. Great job

  • bazutny

    i thought that was frigging rad, big sections smashed with tweaked abandon. who gives a fook if it doesn’t look like a spielberg block buster.

  • mangemongland

    I thought stabmag was the place for that kind of bad content

  • ………….


  • Scott

    Fun concept, to give it the throw-back feel. But I agree with Biff, don’t squeeze the 16:9 into 4:3… It distorts the surfer, the wave, the horizontal speed. Next episode, cropping vs distorting would be a welcome change.

    Oh and Noah shreds!

  • Big Jim

    Go watch LOST vids from long ago for the real deal

  • Wardo

    Lost….. But without good surfing.

  • Frankadank

    Made me want to surf even though it’s blown out.

  • Nayooti

    Maybe get up earlier next time to get some decent offshore…