The 4:3 Series: Part II

The second installment of an exclusive series with Noa Deane

| posted on July 22, 2014

Although the music, aspect ratio, dating show sampling, and front traction are all reminiscent of the ’80s, the surfing certainly is not. Noa Deane, regardless of format, consistently impresses both above and below the lip. That air at 0:28! Nobody (except maybe Dane Reynolds) is doing airs that big or that tweaked. And Noa is doing them on a regular basis. Maybe it’s the front traction. Maybe it’s the complete disregard for competition. Maybe it’s the skate influence (0:40). We aren’t entirely sure. But whatever it is, there’s a certain flair to his surfing that hasn’t been seen for awhile.

Watch – The 4:3 Series: Part I

Noa Deane Part 2

  • Rattone

    that really makes me want to try out a front pad this winter. good shit.

  • boyboy

    that was horrendous

  • uptheally

    You dont need a budget to surf good.

  • jonnie austen

    really ?! have u heard of this dude from the north shore, his name’s john john florence. he also does some pretty tweaked out airs. noa deane paddles in when john john paddles out so he can sit on the beach and take notes. lmfao 😛

  • PaddyDEEZ

    luckily im sponsored by dakine and gorilla so i can put two traction pads on all my boards too!

  • mike

    what a shit clip .. he fell on almost every wave!