Nike Chosen: Behind the Scenes

A closer look at the Nike team's nightsurfing sessions

| posted on June 05, 2011

  • Tony Carson big island

    What an abomination, a nike logo right below the Surfer logo,. (a mainstream, track and field shoe company), now trying to buy its way into surf culture. Its bad enough that the surf industry, ( quickdollar, blllabog, rip cur, ect.), have practically sold out, they could care less now, who wears one of their tees, as long a they make a buck at the end of the day. What real hardcore surfer, ( worth his salt,) who knows anything of surfing’s past , would welcome nike, (or hurley, for that matter, a company now owned by nike.

  • wills

    what a fukin waste

  • haole

    i could get a fuck what companies product im wearing and i could care even less if the company “cares” about surfing.

  • Tony Carson big island

    well, dude,. you should care. Maybe you should go out and buy a pair of those cool, (Not), nike track shoes, and make a real statement.

  • Miguel

    There is a difference between the individual practice of Surfing, and the industry around Surfing.

    There will always be someone trying to sell you something, which is ok as soon as you make a difference that surfing has nothing to do with what you wear or buy.

    Thanks to new media technologies competitive Surfing as a sport and media property (a business) is progressively approaching maturity, with this comes reaching wider mainstream audiences and therefore becoming a media opportunity attracting mainstream sponsors and brands like Nike, Hurley, Corona etc

    Nothing wrong with that, at the contrary, This will enable the professionalisation of the competitive side of the sport, better media coverage and sustainable professionalised support for athletes development programs. Good on those brands to support such an exciting evolution of competitive Surfing.

    For me this does not change my individual act of surfing, which keeps being a natural experience shared with the Nature and a few good friends. I recognize a surfer by this shared understanding and attitude, not by what he wears nor his hairstyle…

    Other considerations apply to what brands you want to support based on ethical, branding or cultural values, a complete personal choice that in my view should not justify juging anyone, nor their legitimate participation into the surfers community.

    My long two cents.

  • Tony Carson big island

    dude, you want to wear a surf tee form a track and field shoe company, that’s up to you. I won’t even wear a quickdollar or ripcur tee these days, because of their blatant commercialization of the lifestyle. And riding waves, (the real surfing experience}, has never been about competition, competition is basically a tool these companies use to prostitute surfing to the masses for their own personal gain, they could care less who wears one of their tees , as long a they make a buck at the end of the day.

  • Miguel

    Mate, If you read my previous post again you will realize I have said the same things.

    Only difference of opinions is that I don’t care about what others wear nor about the commercial industry around surfing, since I make a clear distinction that all that is not surfing, it’s business.

    Cheers from Australia.

  • christine

    I HATE that Nike has gotten involved in the surf industry. They have a great team because of the money that they can pay their surfers. Surfing has and always will be an awesome sport with a small community feel. I would like to see the true surf brands succeed, and small surf shops be able to survive instead of being eaten up by the giant conglomerates. Nike needs to stick to mainstream sports.