Nick Rozsa, Still Homegrown

Waves near home for the Salty Beards out of Ventura

| posted on July 23, 2014

A few days of swell in California provide waves aplenty for another banger from Nick Rozsa. He brings style and scale on his airs and backside attack, and might as well be getting paid by the city of Ventura for how nice he makes his hometown look.

  • Thiago da Silva

    At 1:08 there is a KOOK with his suite backwards and the hot babe humping the other surfer dude! did anyone else catch that?

    • Maranello

      Not sure what the heck is up with that suit but it sure did look like it was on backwards.
      The chick…yah, she was definitely humping the other dude.
      How freaking hilarious and completely random. To funny!!!

  • oj

    best underrated surfer right there

  • Kook

    That was great, I love his backhand surfing.