Nick Rozsa in FUN

Rozsa having a good time surfing around home in Ventura, and us having a good time watching

| posted on February 27, 2014

Nick Rozsa, perpetually under the radar, has been even more incognito as of late due to a string of injuries. He’s back in the water now, which when it comes down to it is simply great for surfing and surfers as a whole.

  • Jake Hims

    so sick!!

  • goccharles

    so so sick!

  • patrick

    Yes, great surfing. But, was that music or….what? What was that noise? Do people drive around in their cars listening to that crap? Or do they go to concerts. I just can’t imagine what that would be like.

    • broguy

      thats called the 70’s bro. back in the day when music actually was played on real instruments, recorded on tape and enjoyed by millions of fans (hippies, cultists, enthusiasts) of the genre. so to answer your question that noise was music created by real people playing real instruments.

  • Laura

    Anyone know the music from the vid?

  • Pj Connell

    Straight ripping

  • Pj Connell

    what didn’t he do in that clip? nailed it.

  • Mahdi

    really really so so sick