New Momentum

Sterling Spencer declares his candidacy for superstardom

| posted on May 16, 2011

  • fat boy

    how dare you make surfing look fun.

  • bobby m

    This guy is a kook, i’ve been surfing my whole life and he’s a kook, he should be doing contest

  • jake

    bobby is a grumpy old ungrateful wct surfer, sterling looks like he at least has fun in his life…

  • johnny

    sterling thinks hes so cool….

  • Rich

    Homey surfs slow as fuck.

  • haole

    i dont think he thinks hes so cool.

  • Casey

    Ha, Fat Boy. Sterling is rad; he always looks like he’s having fun.

  • Sancho

    Wish he just get rid of the glasses. He does sometimes appear to be stuck on himself, but then again, when you’re the only decent surfer on the entire coast, your head is bound to look inward. But like others have said, fun is fun.

  • Sancho

    btw, thats Middles isnt it?

  • Dante

    What ever guys ! S.S. surfs real good ! And ya there are so many guys and gals these days that surf real good ! The market-place is flooded with talent for sure ! So let’s not take any of this too seriously ! Because don’t think that S.S. is ! It is all about having real fun !