Moroccan Barrels

Basque country surfers Eneko Acero and Natxo Gonzalez head south to chase swell

| posted on February 07, 2014

Eneko Acero doesn’t just stick to Moroccan barrels. Watch him surfing his homebreak, Mundaka, in the Acero Brothers.

  • Leandro tavares brito

    Music name, please?

    • Pietro

      the original one is called bullet and a target by citizen cope. not sure about this version.

      • Eric Tucker

        bullet and a target by Bliss n Eso

  • Brandon

    if you squint your eyes and turn off the sound the video quality is like watching a section from “Focus” 🙂

  • Youness

    Why all the surfers videos and documentaries represent morroco with
    their villages (in the old way) and shows camels and simple buildings of farmers
    in the country side ! it’s a wrong image which is given to the whole world (you
    are a big magazine, so there is a large number of watchers). Why we don’t show
    the modern morroco ! to sell the product of the occidental sahara (Aladin dream
    of the flying carpet). As for me a young and moderne citizen of morroco, I deny
    those approaches that don’t represent us. As for now, i decided to stop
    watching your videos and read your articles, because who knows you give me a
    false idea an representation of the other countries

  • duncan

    What are the names of these spots?

  • Duncan Upton

    I’m going to morocco in december, what are the names of these spots?