Still Rolling

The Momentum Generation reunites 20 years later

| posted on September 27, 2012

For more about the Momentum Reunion, check out the November issue, available digitally and on newsstands now.

Track list:
1. “The Desert Won’t Save You” by U.S. Royalty
2. “Worries” by Memory Tapes
3. “Staring at the Wall” by JEFF the Brotherhood
4. “Just Ride It” by Cuckoo Chaos
5. “Doused” by Diiv
6. “You Can Count on Me” by Panda Bear

  • Shoots

    SHOOTS! Bryce you’re a legend!

  • Michael Soule

    Awesome reunion!!! Great footage!
    Jordan and Aii are some of the nicecest people you will ever meet!!!

  • dustin

    how do you download for mac?

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  • Al

    For Mac, just right click and ‘Save Link As’

  • Jo

    Good memories, stoked to see them all now

  • Jason

    I’m 40. Why do I suck?

  • shorepound

    I’m 35 now, but I grew up watching Taylor’s movies. So stoked to see all the boys back together!

  • WaterWays Surf Travel

    Epic video guys! We were stoked to help coordinate some of the travel arrangements for this trip, Kandui Villas is an epic place and the boys were stoked!

  • Mark

    awesome video – what a life you guys have!


    Defined a generation. What a massive surfing influence these guys were and still are. Great idea bringing these guys back together.

  • Bon Nandez

    Old men rule!!!! 41 !

  • vance

    No tim curran? or poston? what a rip off

  • Marcello

    I spent my teens watching the first version 🙂 In a daily basis 🙂

    Here’s the Spotify playlist of the current tracks.

  • EL Guapo

    I wanted to check this video again and again. It was like watching Pink Floyd,
    Rolling Stones, U2, Led Zepplin and in one! I grew up watching these guys.
    Yes indeed ALL GUYS RULE FOR LIFE!!!

  • Bruna

    What is name the film? I don’t remember. I need see again this film! Help at name?


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