A new film featuring Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson and the rest of the Quik team

| posted on March 09, 2011

  • Lamore

    ok so clay marzo can land pretty much everythng…. i wish i was him

  • Drew

    Clay Marzo doesnt need to do interviews…. his surfing does it all…. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!

  • Dean

    is it just me or was this entire 20min film… like 100% better than STS? just saying Dane and Clayz surfing is beserk

  • Sean K. Moore

    Great syching of the music to the viewing. Video is clear & some very close ups. Continue such good footage!

  • Ana

    Marzo? He’s ok. But what about Ando?? Without doubt the most stylish surfer. Nobody does aerials like him. He should have won Innersection…

  • Scott Brooke

    Loved this film, The junior high band doing ” 2001″ classic! I could not find the song featured in the middle though. Who performed ” Dark angels rise”? also could not find on Itunes. Thanks. Scott

  • JBH

    “Dark Angels Rise” is a song by Blacklist that is actually called “Flight Of The Demoiselles” . You can see it here: