Mirage of the Caribbean

A stealth mission to secretly score at the fringes of perfection. You already know too much.

| posted on May 02, 2013

Big ups to Vans Surf for the footage. Expect the A+ clips in Get-N Classic Vol. 3.

Read about this trip in our June Issue, available on newsstands now.

  • michael Soule

    Anegada! No Secret…. Just Fickle… 😉

  • yewww

    wow paul fisher actually surfs

  • Rafael Antonio Gonzalez Peralta

    we have Spots here in Dominican Republic that go empty most of the time,anybody that one to come to Surf in my country just let me know,I live in the north Coast and if you want to come and Surf just send me An email,and by the way you dont have to pay me or bring me any gift,we need good surfers to come to Dominican republic so we can make our waves been known around the world same as in Puerto Rico so mayba one day we can have profectional contest too and our good surfers could be known and maybe make a living Surfing,so Anybody who want to come to the north coast just contact me by email or facebook..

  • Rafael Antonio Gonzalez Peralta

    if you are a good surfer and want to come surf Dominican Republic just contact me,you dont have to pay me or give me any gift,we need good surfers to come to our country so maybe one day we can be known as Puerto Rico and others places,that way our good locals surfers maybe one day could make a living by Surfing and maybe we could get international contest too,we have Sports all around the north coast we have spots that go empty most of the time,so come surf in Dominican Republic.

  • shorepound

    good god that music makes my ears bleed

  • Josh

    The Drumming in the music is out of time, amateur

  • James B

    Paul Fisher…….. Any 14 years old kid in Brazil surf better than this guy. What a shame…

  • Captain Ron

    Right ocean but wrong island Michael Soule. This wave is breaking in sand only a few feet from shore. Nothing in or around Puerto Rico or the BVI’s does this as they are all reef breaks

  • Vadim Kowalenko

    I think this is the same spot

  • Alvin


    Mi nombre es Alvin Velez y viajo continuamente a la republica de negocios. Me gustaria ver si en algun momento nos podemos comunicar para coordinar un viaje de surf.


    is nothing sacred in the shrine of surfing,this is selling out for self promotion. DONT EXPOSE HOME ZONES ! in this era of technology, i found this beach with a four word google search that linked to a UK photographers vacation there.


    this wave aint nothing special. glad to see footy , save me a trip, photos lie. still lame BEnny B exposed this beach, nothing is sacred in the shrine of surfing, all about self promotion to stay in the game, why the claim at the end ?

  • Grey

    He got barreled five times on that wave. That spot has potential for sure. Takes the right conditions though. And paul fisher is the shit, you are all retarded, and definitely haters. Keep surfing the web, thats all you’re good at.

  • Catia

    Definitely Anegada! And stop hating the boys are awesome!

  • bullsht

    QUIT PUTTING VIDEOS OF THIS PLACE ON THE INTERNET/MAGS. Can’t you just let islands with <10 surfers surf in peace without the breaks getting exposed. Have fun wasting your money to get here though, it breaks like that once every few years.

  • RuinYrDay

    Paul Fisher told me it’s Pomato Point.

  • brian mack

    Bullshit? Why hide behind a fake name when you comment? This spot is no longer a secret. It’s been on about 4 mag covers over the past 4 years.You didn’t surf this spot before it was exposed. That’s why your comment is complete bullshit.

    • Chris Brey

      Brian mack, former JARVIS?

  • Kai

    This spot is too raw….surfed it many times

  • Mark

    I have an app on my iphone which names this spot. I’m just curious if this was from that late winter mega-swell. If so, it’s kinda disappointing.

    • dylan

      whats this place called ?

  • Colton D’Agostino

    God, reading the comments and i am realizing that you guys are really the ones fucking giving this place away. From the video I had no clue what the name was nor did I care seeing as there are much better spots in the world to surf. I thank whoever posted this because it was a beautiful video…very relaxing. As for the commenters,chill out. No one is gonna rush to this location, the vast majority of us don’t have the money to spend to go that far. At max 1-2 people might get the idea to go there off this one video.

  • Fish sucks

    Man Paul fisher is a kook. What a tool.

  • http://facebook Chris Jones

    Good wave. Good video. Its nice seeing how surfing has changed, but hasn’t changed with its surf music vibe and all. It kinda reminds me of an old surf video from “Surfer” of Tom Curren and the boys somewhere off the coast of Southern Africa. I think its a good wave though. Definitely something from the Atlantic. Close to shore for the beach bunnies to check one out, ya know. Good long rides. Jeah!

  • Michael Soule

    @ Capt Ron…
    Sorry Pal But I lived down there for almost 15 years… I know Plenty Sand Bottom breaks All around Tortola, Anegada, St. Thomas, St John and Puerto Rico… Cannot tell me that they are All Reefs…
    Also I was there Looooong Before Benny B and all his friends were, I met Ben on his first trip to Tortola, I had been there for years already…
    Good Try though…
    A Hui Ho!

  • fred

    I thought the song was sick!!!!!!!!!

  • hakim hazim

    Colton D’Agostino , say that in 10 years time!!!! PADANG was the same, Costa Rica too…. go and check the line up of these places…. full of stupid MONEYsurfers!

  • James

    I like how this was shot with so much beach/ground in the frame.

  • david


  • Appetite Skateboards

    so freaking sick………..

  • Heath

    Ahhhhhh…I want it…I want it bad

  • Ethan Casto

    wish i was there doin that right now!