Dorian’s Mavericks

What it looks like to charge pumping Mavs

| posted on February 10, 2014

See photos of Shane Dorian’s waves and a full recap of the Body Glove Mavericks Invitational:
Photos/ Mavs in Sequence
Photos/ Body Glove Invitational

  • Dalton

    I have nothing but respect for all these guys but not one video of the camera pointed opposite the surfer? Are they all so egotistical the camera should be on them the whole time? I don’t want to see their O face! I want to see what it’s like staring down into the pit, the drop, what the wave looks like down-the-line. But every clip so far I just see the surfer.

  • zeek05

    I DO want to see the surfer, their style, their reaction to difficult situations, the athleticism as they tackle these monsters. Some of us learn from watching these. Egos(?), maybe, maybe not, but I will say they deserve to have one doing what they do. Maybe someday a camera will be invented to catch both sides of the action so everyone will be satisfied.