Maverick Moments

Ken Collins, Shane Dorian, Mark Healey, Greg Long, Kohl Christensen, and Grant Baker in some slo-mo monster chasing at Mavs

| posted on February 20, 2012

  • http://Surfer NHS

    Nice vid. That slo mo of Healy going left under that monstrous heaving left ledge defies my brain. Dorian’s brilliant edge control in that tight right pocket is also amazing. These guys are masters.

    My only beef is with Ken “Skindog” Collins and his nauseating plastic pose as the ambassador of the Half Moon Bay community’s good will. Half Moon Bay deserves a better representative. Anyone who saw that recent vid of Collins down on the dock mouthing off at that Harbor authority just doing his job regarding the personal watercraft rule must concede that Collins is the kind of self-righteous, big-mouthed punk that has given the bad rep to the surfing community from the get go. Hey “Skindog”: the community includes the powers that be which exist by public (that is, community) mandate to protect citizens. Your belief in a “big wave brotherhood” that is above the law is the fantasy projection of an asshole. If you don’t the like law, make your case in a civilized way down at City Hall, or wherever . . . and if you are really the ambassador of good will for the Half Moon Bay community, then post a videotaped apology to the Harbor Patrol employee with the clipboard and his the organization for your disrespectful mouth off. Then I suggest you go left like Healy to see if you can actually make one without straightening out. If not, there’s always your kid’s jungle jim. Maybe he’ll let you on.

  • pat mcgroin

    @NHS, do your homework, ken was yelling at 2 NOAA reps from the east coast, not a harbor patrol employee. and the jet ski ban is not a city hall issue, it is in fact a federal issue. go post on something you know something about, i.e. popouts, small mushy waves, and the kooks you surround yourself with. oh, sorry, none of that is being talked about on relevant media sites.

  • http://Surfer NHS

    I come back from a day of surfing mushy waves with my kook friends and discover Pat Mcgroin has checked in. He used to go by the more accurate Hugh Janus, but anyone who knows how desperate he is for attention uses his nickname.